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We have a wide variety of special discount merchandise. Gold prospecting is more "high tech" these days and that means treasure hunters need higher quality gold mining equipment. We have gold prospecting equipment for every level of gold our complete gold panning kit for those "weekend" gold panning trips! Our gold mining tools make great gifts for that prospector on your list! Our gold mining store is open 24hrs a day!

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Boulder Patch Mines Panning Sand
~ Temporarily Sold Out ~

Genuine Placer GOLD

From Boulder Patch Mines In Sumpter Oregon.

Now you can practice your gold panning technique with this bag of concentrate with placer gold taken straight from Boulder Patch Mines!

This is not the normal sample panning bag.

If you want more than a small flash in the pan, this is it!

We guarantee over 1/2 penny weight of genuine placer gold in every bag -
gold from our mines right here in Sumpter, Oregon!

~ Temporarily Sold Out ~

Now only $39.95

AND NOW.....this special offer: (while supplies last)...........

~ FREE ~

With your bag of genuine gold, we will include the official book from Garrett titled:
"You can find an ounce of gold a day" It contains 46 pages and was written by roy lagal.
This is a great book on how to pan and locate gold, and one of the best on the market for beginners!
We will also include a one oz. glass gold bottle.

Garrett Gold Pan

"Garrett" 14 Inch Gold Pans

Garrett's green plastic gold pans are built for long service
and have been a standard in the industry for years.

Now Only $9.95

Deluxe gold prospecting kit
Complete Deluxe Gold Prospecting Kits

This kit has everything a beginner or pro looking to strike
it rich will need.......two red gold pans (a 10-1/2" and a 14");
a classifier for sifting out rocks, artifacts, gems and coins; a pair
of 1-oz. shatterproof vials; a snuffer bottle for sucking up the tiniest gold flakes; a Top Hat Sand Magnet to remove unwanted magnetic debris and black sand; a treasure scoop for digging around finds; tweezers to pick up the smallest pieces; a magnifier to inspect your finds; a crevice tool that gets into tight places; a light-duty forged steel rock pick; instructions and a carry pack to hold everything......

Now Only $99.95

Deluxe gold prospecting kit
Deluxe Gold Prospecting Kits

Everything you need to pan for gold and other burried treasures. Includes two red pans (a 10-1/2" and a 14"), a classifier with 5/16" holes for sifting rocks and pebbles before panning, a pair of 1-oz. shatterproof gold vials, a snuffer bottle for sucking up small gold bits and flakes, a Top Hat Sand Magnet to remove unwanted magnetic black sand, a treasure scoop for digging around finds, instruction booklet and a drawstring backpack to carry everything.

Now Only $54.95

Garrett Complet Panning Kit
Complete Garrett Gold Panning Kits

This gold panning kit includes: a 14" Gold Pan, a 10 1/2" Pan, Classifier, Suction Bottle, Gold Bottle, Tweezers, Magnifier. Also included in this Gold Panning Kit is a handy "How To" Mine Book

Now Only $29.95

Jobe Beginnier Gold Panning Kit
JOBE Gold Panning Kits

Complete gold panning kit, includes a 10-1/2" pan, snuffer tweezers to get your gold out of the pan, a gold bottle, an excellent "how to" mine book, and a real bag of placer concentrates, guaranteed to contain real gold!


USA gold pan
The All New 13" Gold Rush Pro SeriesT Gold Pan

Now with the combination of many improvements is a gold pan that captures, concentrates and cleans gold and precious metals faster, easier, and more accurately than any other pan in history, that's why it's patent pending! through it's state of the art design this pan allows everyone to be fast and accurate at panning gold!

JUST $16.95

Mesh Clarifier
The NEW Jobe Classifiers
These new classifiers have no screws and no caulking! The Jobe Classifier is more durable than any other classifier out there ~ guaranteed!
These classifiers even stack better! It will fit on your 5 gal. Bucket. This is ideal for classifying your fine gold for easy panning.

Now Only $22.95

JOBE 1/8"



Clay Gone Gold Panning Aid
Causes clay and suspended materials to drop from water in seconds!

clay gone Did you know gold can float? Yes it's heavy, but fine pieces of gold can actually float on top of the water in your panning tub. This is due to the surface tension of the water itself. With clay gone you don't have to lose this gold anymore. Recover your gold much easier with clay gone. Use it to help drop that heavy silt and mud out of the water - great in desert applications where clean water is in very short supply. Ideal for use in gold panning tubs, gold jigs, gold wheels, recirculating systems and other fine gold recovery equipment. This product is a must for stretching the usability of your water - especially valuable in arid areas like the desert. It's compatible with soaps and other surface tension breaking additives like jet-dry. Use 1 tablespoon of clay-gone per 10 gallons of water. Bottle contains 8 ounces. This product is highly concentrated.......A little goes a very long way!

8 Ounce Bottle of Clay Gone
   Only $8.95

nugget case
Wood Display Box

The Box Is 8 1/2" X 6 1/2" X 1 3/4"

This Is A Neat Little Wood Display Box With
Twenty 1 1/4" Nugget Jars To Display Your Gold.

Sorry, But The Nuggets Don’t Come With It!


Gold Panner Hood Ornament

This very detailed depiction of an old gold prospector
panning for gold is fine cast in poly-resin and then dual level electroplated with real brass. An antique patina is added to give the piece the quality metal finish of ancient bronze. Stands about four inches tall with a one inch long bolt extending from the bottom of the sculpture so that it can be attached to a base or used as a hood ornament.

SOLD OUT Just $29.95


The Leader In Off The Ground Camping Gear!

"The Oversize" Tent Cot is Kamp-Rite's next generation
These Tent Cots are used by the United States Military,
as well as the various Government agencies, engaged in supplying emergency shelter and disaster relief throughout the world. These are designed to give you extra room and more comfort. With an extra 4" in width and 6" in length, and a domed top for additional head room, and supporting up to 350lbs. Super-sturdy, It has an additional set of support legs to allow entry exit at all four doors. Self-contained, each of our Tent Cots put you 11" off the ground, away from bugs, critters and moisture. Strong and roomy, with Original Tent Cot's welded aluminum frame. It comes with "no-see-um" netting on each opening to assure plenty of ventilation and a bug-free sleep! It comes with a 3/8" sleep pad for added comfort and insulation, and a handy carry-bag for transport and storage.

Dimensions of "The Oversize" are.....

Bed Size: 90"L X 32"W
Tent Size: 90"L X 32"W X 40"H
Folded Size: 34"L X 34"W 8"D
Weight: 24 lbs

Only $179.95

If you like the "Oversize" Tent Cot, then you may want to add The Rain Fly.........

Rain Fly For The Tent Cot

The head and foot flaps on the rainfly
are specially designed to stay open and away
from the tent to aid air circulation.

Only $38.95

DIGIWEIGH Pocket Scale
Digital Scale 500 G / 0.1 G
Touch screen display
Stainless Steel Platform


Capacity 500 G ~ Accuracy 0.1 G ~ Weighing Modes G, CT, DWT, OZ ~

Size (in Inches) 4.5 x 2.5 x 0.5 ~ Power 2 x AAA Batteries

Sold Out


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